A number of things happen when you are faced with fertility challenges:

  • You notice pregnant women and babies all around you when you never noticed them before.

  • You can’t seem to control your emotions every month when your period (or AF) arrives.

  • You dread logging onto Facebook in case there’s another pregnancy announcement.

  • and, this one is very strange, but you have to learn a new language!

Fertility and Infertility has a language all of its own and if you want to learn it, this is the book to read. Sheila Lamb has tirelessly compiled the most comprehensive listing of fertility abbreviations and acronyms you will ever need and in doing so has given a huge gift to everyone struggling to conceive.
Jessica Hepburn
Jessica Hepburn
Fertility Author
Having been through many cycles of IVF years ago (and having got there - my daughter is now 15) I romped through this Fertility Jargon Buster. How well I remember the abbreviations AF meaning Aunt Flo (period); LO meaning Love Olympics; and BMS meaning Baby Making Sex (there was no other kind back then!). Delightful new jargon for me was PUTB meaning Pillow Under The Butt (though I recall doing this on many occasions!) and PMPL meaning Peeing My Pants Laughing. Belly laughs are rare when you’re going through IVF - but sometimes they’re so necessary. A wonderful little book.
Diane Chandler
Diane Chandler
Author of Moondance
This guide is fantastic and a must for everyone starting out on their fertility journey. The internet is an incredible way to seek support but as soon as you go down the rabbit hole of Google, you are instantly overwhelmed by a whole new language of terms and acronyms. The book is a quick reference of all those weird acronyms so you can decipher what on earth everyone is talking about, and start finding the support and advice you need.
Nicola Salmon
Nicola Salmon
Feminist Fertility Coach

A word from the Author

Sheila Lamb was once on a journey very similar to the one you’re on now – an emotional, rollercoaster journey to find her family. It was full of questions and the answers were hard to come by. She soon found herself having to quickly learn a unique language when looking for help and support on online fertility forums. The only abbreviations concerned with fertility that she could remember from her midwifery days were ‘LMP’ and ‘EDD’ but now she was faced with ‘BFN’, ‘PUPO’ and ‘EWCM’ to name a few - all of which are explained in this book.

Six long years passed and after her and her husband’s 3rd ICSI cycle (that’s Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) was successful, nine months later they welcomed their miracle daughter into their lives. But Sheila never forgot their struggle and wanted to help others in some way. So, she combined her two passions – writing and fertility – and created a number of issues of an online magazine called ‘My Fertility Specialist’, with the help of many amazing fertility experts and fabulous women who kindly shared their stories.

Having moved on from the magazine, she is writing a series of books for non-medical people on subjects concerned with reallife challenges faced when trying to start a family, regardless as to whether you are doing this on your own, with your partner or with family, friends or strangers.

Sheila says: “I hope you find this book useful and I truly hope that you realise your dream of becoming a parent, however it happens for you."

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